Marital relationship Traditions in Mongolia

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The marriage practices in Mongolia are unique and part of the culture. There are a lot of traditions that have been passed on for centuries and the country even now does a great deal of them today.

The wedding in Mongolia is one of the most important days in a couple’s life. Usually the weddings are done in the country, but in some cases the marriages can also take place in a city.

Typically, the lick goes to the girl’s family and offers to all of them. Afterwards, they will discuss the wedding and choose a date that will work in their eyes. They will seek advice from a monk or fortune teller, or they will use the Mongolian calendar to find an auspicious working day for the marriage.

As soon as they have decided over a date, the bridegroom’s father should go to the girl’s family and ask them with regards to acceptance. If the girl’s parents agree to, it means that they will match their girl with their youngster.

Following that, the bridegroom will bring gift items for the bride’s friends and family. This is due to in the past it was believed that having a great gift could make the lady happy and give her the best chance of international dating for chinese getting married.

The gift that the soon-to-be husband brings meant for the bride’s family is known as hadag. It can be made of largely silver and it is presented by the groom to the girl’s dad.

When the groom’s father visits the bride’s friends and family he may present associated with a hadag and enquire for their endorsement. The hadag is usually a piece of jewellery that the bride’s parents wear to the wedding ceremony.

In the past, many youth were operating at a really early age, often around 13 or 14 years old. The couples may meet through school or maybe a social circle.

These engagements could usually last for a few several months until the marriage ceremony was ready. This would be the best way for the two families to get to know each other and discover how they got along.

A second factor that the groom’s parents have to do is go to the girl’s family and present them with a hadag, a gift that they will give to their daughter. Once the girl’s parents include accepted that, they will then choose the wedding party dates and talk about them with their very own side father and mother.

The groom’s father and mother will also speak with the bride’s family and inquire for their thoughts on the marriage. Once they have the ability to agreed on the dates, they are going to choose a venue for the wedding.

When they have picked the area, the wedding couple will then stand together in front of a wedding official. They will then signal their wedding documents and the established will say that they are at this moment husband and wife.

During the marriage ceremony the bride and groom will be using long sleeved clothing. The reason is , it is thought that the extended sleeves signify a good and complete life intended for the groom and bride.

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